Isomalto-oligosaccharide(IMO) powder

•Isomalto-oligosaccharide(IMO) is also called branching oligosaccharide •Branching oligosaccharide is composed by the connection of 2~10 glucose units. •Between each glucoses, except include α-1,4 glucosidic bond,also include α-1,6 glucosidic bond. It mainly include isomaltose, panose, isomaltotrise, maltotetraose and every branch-chain oligose of above materials, which can effectively promote the growth and production of bifidobacteria in intestine canal, thus is also called “bifidus factor”. It is the most used functional oligose with cheap price in food field.

Products Details

•(1)sweetness: IMO’s sweetness is saccharose’s 40%-50%,which can lower food’s sweetness and perfect taste. •(2)viscosity: similar to saccharose liquid’s viscosity,easy to be manufactured, has no bad effect to confectionery’s tissue and physical property. •(3) water activity: IMO’s AW=0.75,less than saccharose(0.85)、high malt syrup(0.77),but general germ、ferment、mould can’t grow under the environment of AW≤0.8,this indicates IMO can antiseptic. •(4)colorability: IMO can have mailard reaction by co-heating with protein or amino acid,and is influenced by protein or amino acid’s type、pH value、heating temperature and time. •(5) anti-tooth decay: IMO is difficult to be fermented by tooth decay pathogenic bacteria-streptococcus mutans ,has the good ability of anti-tooth decay. •6) moisture retain: IMO has the good ability of retaining moisture,prevent starch staling in food and sugar crystalline’s precipitation. •(7) anti-heat, anti-acid: it will not decompose under the environment of pH3 and 120℃ for a long time,is suitable for beverage, cans, and food need high-temperature processing and food with low pH value. •(8) fermentaiton: the hardest to ferment in food process, can play its function and effect for a long time. •(9) ice point descend: IMO’s ice point is similar to saccharose,its freezing temperature is higher than fructose. •(10) safety: among functional oligose,small part can be used by some aerosis germ in intestine canal,ferment to produce organic acid and gas,gas may cause physogastry,while IMO can hardly cause diarrhea.It is generally divided into two types of IMO powder, including 50 and 90 of the IMO content.1.Application in food industry candies with IMO has the function of low calorie, non-tooth decay, anti-crystal and regulate intestine canal. When applied in bread & pastry, can make it soft and full of elasticity, fragrant and sweet, prolong shelf-life, improve products’ grade. Applied in ice-cream, be benefit to improve and keep its texture and taste, give it with special function as well. It also can be added in sodas, soymilk beverage, fruity beverage, vegetable juice beverage, tea drinks, nutritious drinks, alcoholic beverage, coffee and powder drinks as food additive. 2.Wine-making industry because of IMO' s sweetness, it can be used as carbohydrate source instead of saccharose. Meanwhile IMO has the ability of non-fermentation, so it can be added in fermentable wines (like black rice wine, yellow wine and dense wine) to make nutritious sweet health wine. 3.Feed additive As feed additive, the development of IMO is still very slow. But it has been used in some animal’s health food, feed additive, feed production; its main function is to improve intestinal flora’s structure, improve animial’s production property, reduce production cost, improve immunity and perfect animal’s feeding environment. It’s the green, non-poisonous and non-residual product, can be used in place of antibiotic.

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