Resistant dextrin corn fiber/Resistant dextrin powder

What is Resistant dextrin? Resistant Dextrin- Soluble Corn Fiber is made from Non-GMO natural Corn starch/Tapioca starch, when heated under the condition of acidic condition, decomposed and gained low molecular soluble dextran (2000 dal)., also known as resistant dextrin. Resistant dextrin- Soluble Corn Fiber is a light yellow syrup or powder product. It is a soluble fiber of natural origin, derived from starches. It is easily soluble in water for a transparent solution with lightly sweet, convenient processing. It can be used in many kinds of foods such as protein bars, cereals, and beverages and nutritional products. But it has high stability and does not affect their original flavor. And it can control the digestion and absorption of sugar.

Products Details

Physical property: Four high & four low Four high: •High dietary fiber: over 85%(AOAC2001.03) •High solubility: 70% solubility(20℃) •High stability: anti-heat, anti-acid •High moisture resistant: without lump, easy for storage Four low: •Low water activity: easy for storage, prolong product’s shelf-life •Low viscosity: 15cps (30℃, 30% solution) •Low calorie: 1.1 Kcal/g •Low sweetness: 10% of saccarose Embedding features •Combined with sweetener of high sweetness → improve taste •Used in food or beverage with iron molecule → improve iron molecule’s taste •Vinegar beverage → can embed vinegar’s taste •Add in food with soy protein → can embed soy’s taste •Add in beverage with tea polyphenol → can ease tea polyphenol’s bitter tasteWhat’s the product application Resistant dextrin is a low-viscosity water-soluble dietary fiber with the same powder characteristics and processing adaptability as granulated sugar or powdered sugar. It also has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance, and can be widely used in dairy products and health care products. , baby food, flour products, meat products. 

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