Ultimate Guide to Using Erythritol on a Keto Diet: Pros and Cons

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article on the benefits and side effects of erythritol on a keto diet.

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that has been gaining popularity in recent years as a sugar substitute due to its low-calorie content and keto-friendly properties. It is a naturally occurring substance that is found in some fruits and vegetables and is also manufactured through a fermentation process.
Erythritol On Keto: Benefits And Side Effects

Many people who follow a keto diet opt for erythritol as a sweetener because it does not raise blood sugar levels or insulin levels, which is crucial for maintaining a state of ketosis. Let's take a look at the benefits and side effects of erythritol on a keto diet.

Benefits of Erythritol on Keto

1. Low-Calorie

Erythritol is significantly lower in calories than sugar, making it an excellent alternative for those on a keto diet who are watching their calorie intake. Erythritol contains 0.24 calories per gram, whereas sugar contains four calories per gram.

2. Does Not Raise Blood Sugar Levels

Erythritol does not have any effect on blood sugar levels. It is absorbed into the bloodstream but is eliminated through the urine without being metabolized into glucose. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are managing their blood sugar levels.

3. Keto-Friendly

Erythritol is a keto-friendly sweetener, making it a popular choice for those following a ketogenic diet. Since erythritol does not contain carbs, it does not affect insulin levels, keeping the body in a state of ketosis.

4. Does Not Aid in Tooth Decay

Unlike sugar, erythritol does not promote tooth decay. In fact, research suggests that erythritol can even prevent cavities by reducing the levels of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth.

Side Effects of Erythritol on Keto

1. Digestive Issues

Erythritol can lead to digestive issues such as bloating, cramping, and diarrhea. This is because erythritol is not completely absorbed by the small intestine, which can lead to an accumulation of sugar alcohols in the large intestine, causing digestive discomfort.

2. Cooling Sensation

Erythritol has a cooling sensation when consumed, which some people may find unpleasant.

3. Not Suitable for Baking

Erythritol does not have the same properties as sugar, which can affect its use in baking. Erythritol has a tendency to crystallize when exposed to high temperatures, which can affect the texture of the end product.

4. Does Not Caramelize

Erythritol does not caramelize like sugar, which can affect the taste of certain dishes.


Erythritol is an excellent sugar substitute for those following a keto diet. It is low in calories and does not raise blood sugar levels. However, it can cause digestive issues in some people and may not be suitable for baking. It is essential to moderate one's consumption of erythritol and consult a healthcare practitioner before incorporating it into one's diet.

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